The Snake Charmer
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for Narrator, Clarinet, Guitar and Tabla
Author and Composer Kim Märkl
Narrated by Calvin E. Burke
Clarinet, Kim Märkl
Guitar, Christian Gruber
Tabla, Tobias Ott
It is the year 1607 in Agra, India. Shiba, a snake charmer, lives with his mother and cobra in a grass-roofed hut. One day, in the marketplace of Agra, Empress Mumtaz Mahal is captivated by Shiba’s snake-charming prowess and invites him to perform at the palace. The boy’s success, however, causes jealousy among a fellow artist and puts his life at risk. The Snake Charmer combines the history and culture of India with a unique story and music.

Calvin E. Burke is an actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter, and director. He has appeared in theater productions, television series, feature films, musicals, and international films. Since the beginning of his artistic career, he has starred in more than 100 stage and screen productions.

Kim Märkl was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1961 and began her musical career as a clarinetist. She received her Bachelor of Music from Indiana University in Bloomington, her Master of Music from Northwestern University in Evanston, and a soloist diploma in clarinet performance from the Freiburg Conservatory. In 1985, she was awarded a Fulbright grant. She has performed extensively as a soloist, chamber, and orchestral musician. In addition, she has taught clarinet in music schools, universities, and privately.

Tobias Ott is an Austrian tabla and ghatam player. He studied tabla with Shankar Lal in Calcutta and southern Indian music on the ghatam drum with T.A.S. Mani at Karnataka College of Percussion in Bangalore. In 1983 he returned to Austria and founded the bands Zombie Kafe, Shruti Box, and Spaceport Orkestra of Benares. He has performed in festivals and concerts throughout Europe and India.

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