A Dream of Jazz
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for Narrator and Jazz Quartet
Author and Composer, Kim Märkl
Narrated by August Zirner
Music recorded by Fourscore
A Dream of Jazz transports listeners to Cleveland in the 1940s. Two teenage friends celebrate music, friendship, and the city. Jazz sweeps them away on its magic carpet and changes the course of their lives.

August Zirner was born in 1956 in Urbana, Illinois, and is the son of Austrian-Jewish immigrants. He has appeared in over one hundred films and television shows and is one of Germany’s most popular actors. He co-starred in The Counterfeiters, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The Fourscore quartet features Tobias Meinhart on tenor saxophone, Alexander Jung on guitar, Heiko Jung on bass, and Daniel Mudrack on drums. They are some of Germany’s finest jazz musicians and a tour de force of excellence and innovation. The renowned jazz label, Intuition released their debut album Add to Friends.

A Dream of Jazz sheet music is available at www.atlantic-crossing.com