Confessions of a Violin Dealer
Kim Märkl
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A prominent violin dealer incarcerated for shady business deals reveals his secrets and dubious business practices from the confines of his cell. As recollections, scandals, and intrigue unfold, the actor and the violinist engage in a dialogue of good versus greed.

Playing the violin is a consuming passion, a musical abyss, power. Wanting a violin is a curse, and a compulsion, driven by relentless desire. Ahhh, but selling a violin is thrilling. It awakens in the imagination of the dealer tantalizing possibilities, especially when the clients are blinded by lust. Stradivari, Testore, Guarneri: names glistening like diamonds, beckoning and tormenting. I was a prominent violin dealer at the peak of my career, and now I am withering in prison. Of course, my incarceration is unjust, but my story is intriguing.

The playscript is available in English and German upon request.